How much is a top Blog worth

July 11, 2006

Gizmodo’s current advertising price list

Graphic Ads – CPM Pricing.

728 x 90 IMU – (Top banner, above site logo) – $8 CPM
300 x 250 IMU – (Rectangle, within editorial, between 4th and 5th posts) – $10 CPM
160 x 600 IMU – (Skyscraper, right sidebar) – $8 CPM
160 x 160 IMU – (Button, right sidebar) – $6 CPM

Earning Gizmodo a total of $32 CPM ($32 per 1000 pages displayed)

From Gizmodo’s sitemeter stats we see an average of 394,545 page views per day earning Gizmodo
$32 / 1000 + 394,545 = $12,625.44 per day in Graphic ads alone.

For a year that’s $12,625.44 * 364 = $4,595,660.16

Over 4.5 million dollars a year in advertising


One Response to “How much is a top Blog worth”

  1. […] Is Kevin Rose (his share in worth $60 – Plenty of people have dissagreed with this however they haven’t offered any alternate value or any calculations to disprove the valuation. I have to say that only getting $3M in advertising revenue per year is pretty poor for a site ranked in Alexa at position 100, make $4.5M and they are only ranked at 847. Based on 3 month averages (from Alexa), gets 33000 page views per million people and gets 2898 page views per million people, that’s 11 times as many page impressions so if adopted gizmodo’s advertising methods it would be making $51M per year in advertising. Posted by disenchantedtech Filed in Internet […]

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