Podvertising at TWiT

July 11, 2006

I was listening to the TwiT podacst 61 – http://twit.tv/61 and they mentioned they would be introducing adverts into the podcast, beginning with one for Dell, which got me wondering; will this bias their comments with regards to Dell products?

It may start off with one small ad but will the lure of extra ad revenue increase the number of ads?
I can ignore ads on a website if I choose – my brain works this way… Subconsciously I know which sections of a webpage are ads and which sections are content and if I’m on a website I found after searching for details of an item; if I’m just curious about the item I’ll likely ignore the ads whereas if I’m considering buying the item I will consciously check out the ads. I do the same when I’m searching on Google, if I’m interested in buying a product I will look to the right hand side of the screen for the ads, it’s much easier than trawling through the normal results to find retailers selling the item.
With inserted podcast ads I guess it’s more about brand awareness unless they go down the product placement route, in which case I don’t like being conned, if Dell give them a new PDA and pay them to discuss it, if it sucks I want them to be free to say that, otherwise the whole integrity of the show goes out the window.
Maybe they’ll go with subliminal ads – with the phrase “you need to buy a Dell” being looped very quietly through the show.
I’m sure all will become clear next week.


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