Jason Calacanis – Paid to Digg

July 20, 2006

When I first heard about this on Digg I got completely the wrong end of the stick, I interpreted the entry as AOL paying top Digg users to post pro AOL stories on Digg – which I now know is completely wrong.
I’m not a big fan of Jason Calacanis but he’s right on this one, the top Digg users are essentially making Kevin Rose rich and all they get is a bit of Kudos – how many big mac’s can you buy with kudos?
They deserve to be rewarded for their efforts – this will hit Digg hard, especially since Netscape have full time people researching and submitting stories.
This could, however, be the start of a slippery slope – a natural progression to this would be forums; most forums are moderated by unpaid people and the top forum users are their life blood – should they be paid?.
Paying the top Diggers will probably get them to move but will others follow suit or will netscape just end up with 12 more users?
Here’s another idea – pay people for getting a story onto the front page, perhaps a percentage of the ad revenue generated whilst their story is there – or maybe pay the submitter an amount depending on how many Diggs it gets – say $1 per 100 Diggs.


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