TWiT 62 – still no ads

July 20, 2006

Initially the concept of podcasts was lost on me – partly because I didn’t have an iPod but mainly because the thought of downloading a 30 MB mp3 file instead of just reading a 20 k page of text didn’t seem logical.I can be a bit ‘old school’ like that from time to time, in my job I’m always looking for efficiency savings, saving disk space, saving bandwidth, increasing transfer speeds etc.I’ve changed my mind now however, it’s actually nice to sit and listen to people discussing an item of interest to me, less eye strain and a 30 MB doesn’t take long these days. 

The only podcast I’ve listened to so far is TWiT (This Week in Tech) which is pretty good apart from the spam, however I keep feeling the urge to join in and voice my views which is frustrating. Maybe they could do a live episode where users could call in using Skype – like they do with radio shows; not all episodes, maybe just once a month have a live TWiT with call ins.

They threatened to put in some Dell ads for this weeks podcast but they didn’t appear – I’m still not sure how they’ll fit those in without making people switch off, looking on Alexa their reach / rank is very erratic but generally stable – not a good time to rock the boat, why are there no ads on their website – based on my best estimation of their visitor numbers using Alexa they’re missing out on over $550,000 PA; instead they have a ‘donation’ button.



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