TWiT 64 – did you say Dell ?

August 2, 2006


TWiT seem to be really struggling with the concept of ads and I don’t know why; look at other blogs, the ads are not part of the main content, they are just there in the sidelines – apart from the occasional book review which then has a referral link to Amazon. For TWiT, the main content is the podcast and the sidelines are the pages on

There was also mention of integrity related issues surrounding discussing products, manufacturers send free samples to blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo in the hope that they will mention them which invariably they do, what’s the difference between that and a manufacturer paying TWiT to discuss its products?, as long as you have a clause that says you can be honest then I see no problem.

As an example, review my site on TWIT and I’ll pay you $10 (I’m poor) – be honest, I’m not asking you to only say nice things, just discuss it, good or bad – see how it works?Put a link to my site on a links page and I’ll pay $10 (I’m still poor) a month.

I have noticed when you pick a PC manufacturer to mention as an example you always use Dell – coincidence or product placement?If it’s product placement then fair enough – I’ve got no complaints and if you want a dollar and a half a word, I’ll pay you $4.50 to say

BTW – sometimes the “Sky Pee” phone link breaks up, maybe your tubes are full…

One commenter pointed to which mentions Google Adsense for radio, all I can say is that if you put ads in TWiT, someone will edit them to remove the ads and upload the torrent files

On that note – you are a tech show – but you don’t use available tech, why not?, torrent files and coral cache would slash your bandwidth to tiny amounts and would also stop our tubes being clogged.


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