UPDATE – fixed now | podtech.net – “Host not found” – amateurs

August 14, 2006

Robert Scoble left Microsoft and went to podtech.net and his blog ranking in Alexa plummeted – oops. Podtech.net got a nice traffic spike as did R Scoble’s blog at the time of the move but since then Podtech.net has also crashed.
I expected the opposite, I thought that amount of PR would maintain a semi decent hit rate for Podtech.net but it really hasn’t managed to retain much at all. I can’t quite work out what it’s selling… it needs a page title
You can’t buy that kind of advertising so when it comes along you have to be ready to capitalise on it – they didn’t, it came and it went. They’ll get more chances but they need to acknowledge what has happened and realise something needs to change on their site.
Also, if you remove the leading www, “podtech.net” simply doesn’t resolve – that’s shocking !.
It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how much advertising you get, if your website sucks then your website sucks – simple as.


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