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August 19, 2006

Was there an Outlook add on that would allow Outlook to arrange meetings with people on Kiko? So many of these Web 2.0 companies create their application and release an API so that existing companies can integrate with them who subsequently don’t and why should they? To make it easier for their users to migrate to the new Web 2.0 app? – wake up.

A big part of many Microsoft applications is their ability to import other formats and also extensive documentation and support for migrating to their applications. If you release an application to replace an existing one you need to make it really simple for users / user groups / companies to migrate en masse.

In the future when we live in an “always connected” world then this type of application may work but until then I really need to be able to see my calendar offline.

Robert Scoble said something I was also thinking about, “There are simply too many companies chasing too few users” – especially so if you are relying on making money from advertising as most Web 2.0 companies seem to do.

My thoughts, whatever you do make sure you have a widget that can be dropped easily into MySpace pages.


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