Windows haters make me giggle – in a gun loading kind of way

September 10, 2006

I was talking to a few of my tech friends who were discussing evil Microsoft and how there are “free” alternatives, so I asked them how much they had spent on Microsoft products in their lives – not one had spent a single penny, they all used downloaded / copied / hacked versions;  Yet they were still complaining.

When you buy a new PC with Windows installed you are paying for it however the real cost is tiny, the cost of a pre-installed OEM version is nothing near the cost of a retail version – maybe 10% of the price at most.

In Episode 60 of CommandN (  they have a link to a book named “Just Say No to Microsoft” which (from the description) seems to concentrate mainly on the OS change, however the book costs $24.95 for the Paperback – probably more than the cost of Windows XP Home OEM !.

When will people learn to think for themselves instead of just jumping on the “I hate Microsoft” bandwagon?.

I use various OS’s, amongst others I have an Itanium 2 machine that triple boots between Windows XP, RedHat Linux and HPUX – for normal users XP is way easier to use than the others. Linux is simply not ready for the mainstream, it is also not as secure and bug free as people suggest, it just doesn’t get attacked as often – security through obscurity is not good security.


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