sells its soul to advertisers

September 13, 2006

I’ve just been listening to

I’m all for advertising, it’s better than charging for a service; some of your visitors have money and may buy your advertisers products, some from other countries don’t but you don’t penalise them for being poor – it’s a good system.

However… I draw the line at pushing your advertised products on people, adverts should be clear and separate from the main content and presented as an advert, not by making it sound like you’d sell a kidney just to get your hands on a lovely new Dell.

I you are going to personalise your adverts then they must be true, otherwise your integrity goes out the window. Dells are good machines at a decent price, the cases are poor, the machines are pretty plain looking and customer support sucks.
Visa – very convenient and fairly safe but if you owe them any money the interest rates are usually outrageous and credt card fraud is in the billions each year.

If you’re lying on behalf of your advertisers then what else are you lying about?


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