on how to get away with stealing Visa cards

September 19, 2006

TWiT 69 ( has a nice article informing Visa card thieves on one of the methods Visa uses to identify stolen credit cards – is this the kind of advertising Visa were expecting to get? I know I commented previously on how they shouldn’t go over the top with their advertising by making the products sound like the best thing since sliced bread but this is a bit too far in the other direction.

Next week they’ll have a segment on how to hack the Dell website – maybe a combo ad on how best to use your stolen Visa card on Dell’s site – how much kit you can get before you trigger an alert.

Advertising has been working well on Radio for a very long time, perhaps there are lessons to be learnt and successful strategies to be copied.

For the first time I actually found myself tuning out and pretty much missed the second half but then it does seem a bit slow in the tech world at the moment, maybe I should stop complaining on here and go out and create the next big thing for them to discuss – nah, sounds too much like hard work.


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