Another TWiT is in the can – just the wrong can…

October 23, 2006

My impression of TWiT was always that it was the Leo Laporte show with guests, the other people like John (the worlds first podcast spammer) were just like regular guests – I never really thought of them as core to the show so if they don’t turn up then so what – there’s always someone to talk to.
One big selling point for me with TWiT was that it was always up to date, almost more like This Day in Tech than this week, or maybe Last Few Days in Tech. I sometimes watch CommandN and see stuff on their most recent vidcast that was on TWiT a week or two previously. News that is 2 weeks old isn’t news. The problem with this for TWiT is that to be so up to date they really need to record on Sunday to Release for Monday – you can’t do an up to the date news show 2 weeks in advance, this makes it a bit tougher to organize.

The TWiT podcast should be financially independent by now so why not hire a tech savvy PA to organize the show / hosts / (even topics?) for you – much better than cancelling.
NB: When advertising to a predominantly tech audience it is good to remember that many visitors will have ad blocking software installed, if the ads are served from your own URL they will not get blocked and your click through rate will increase.

How about a bit of cross pollination with Mr Scoble / – unless he’s on an exclusivity contract – that would be much better, he’s always got something to say and knows the right people to get good inside info.

Of course this could all be one big publicity stunt – in which case – nice move!, next thing to do is list it for sale on eBay, that always gets good press.


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