World spends $728 million in hunt for ET

December 6, 2006

At the time of writing this there are 5436301 users runningSETI@home and the results submitted amount to 2433979.781 years of processing. ( – last updated Fri Jan 13 18:54:42 2006.

From this PCPro study ( a 3 GHz P4 running SETI@home costs £876 in electricity versus £115 for an average 8 hours a day use over 5 years – a difference of £152.20 per year.
Multiplied by 2433979.781 years gives a total cost so far of £370451722.6682 or £370 million (around $728 million US) – the majority of the users are in the US.

Total cost: $728 million
Total number of aliens found: 0


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