Anarchy for Beginners – gaming the 1p ebook sellers

January 7, 2007

You can’t do many searches on eBay without coming up with a seller selling an ebook for 1p with no postage cost. How can they do this and make a profit? – they can’t, it’s just a way of getting feedback. Once they get their feedback score up to a few hundred they go in for the big scam.

Here’s the fun bit..
1. Sign up as an ebay affiliate
2. Create an affiliate link to ebay and click it
3. Search for a 1p auction – sellers usually list these as multiple auctions i.e. 1000 available
4. Where it says “your quantity” enter the number the seller has remaining e.g. 900
5. Click Buy It Now and go through the usual purchase process

This example would cost you £9 but earn you £108 in affiliate commission, the seller would earn £9 but pay £135 in eBay fees.

Just to rub salt in the wound – don’t leave any feedback. Rinse and repeat


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