Entrepreneur in all but actions

January 17, 2007

Hugh Macleod posted some thoughts on being an entrepreneur here http://www.gapingvoid.com/Moveable_Type/archives/003642.html
which pulled in a fair number of comments from other entrepreneur. Hugh’s into using obscure marketing strategies to promote his interests so it’s understandable many of his readers have similar interests.

Then Hugh posted this item
Now it strikes me that this is a great way for an entrepreneur to get some coverage – a bit like The Golden Palace spending $28000 on a bit of toast just to get publicity.

OK so it’s not on anywhere near the same scale but there’s still going to be some kudos attached with winning the auction – there’s no guarantee but there is the possibility that Hugh may write about the winner after the auction – e.g. congratulations to Fred of http://www.im-an-entrepreneur.com on winning the auction. You can’t buy that kind of advertising on a well trafficked blog and the auction is only just over £100.

Comments are free and no risk – is spending a couple hundred quid on this really too rich for all these entrepreneurs?, too much of a risk?


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