– Alexa rank too high?

June 13, 2007

I was looking through the top UK sites as ranked by Alexa to see if I was missing out on anything good and stumbled upon which I hadn’t come across before. After a few minutes browsing the site I came to the conclusion that it was a pretty appalling site and that the Alexa stats must be wrong.

On closer inspection from here
You can see that currently 34 percent of visits are to the sub-site and 5 percent visit

Since only the site owners and local area sub site owners can access and since most of these owners will also look at their content to see if it uploaded OK it seems that almost all visitors to are simply the site editors themselves. Also the forums get 5% of visitors but are virtually empty – 5% of the UK’s 68th most popular site should be a pretty busy forum.

According to at they charge between £9,999 and £24,999 per local sub site – that’s a lot of money for a web site that only you visit.

Fools and their money…


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