www.haggle4me.co.uk gone – shame

June 18, 2007

Haggle4me was a site where you went when you wanted to buy something (online) but didn’t know if you had found the best price. You entered the details of what you wanted and the best price you had found and other site visitors could use their bargain hunting skills to find the same item cheaper; you then split the difference (minus an admin fee)

I don’t know why it has ceased operation – lack of popularity is the usual reason, maybe the type of people who would use such a system were the same people who were pretty good at finding the bargains. Maybe the people who didn’t know how to find bargains also didn’t know how to use haggle4me.

For me, once I’ve decided to buy something I want it asap, not wait x days for someone to possibly find it cheaper., so the service didn’t really appeal to me however the last time I looked some people seemed to have found some amazing bargains – prices I couldn’t find anywhere.

“Fail fast, fail often”, most successful website owners will be able to reel off a list of their previous failures, often the failures STILL look better on paper than the successes so I hope the haggle4me guys don’t give up.


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