Lies, Damn Lies and Acupuncture

September 25, 2007

The BBC reports that acupuncture works based on the following conditions.

3 Groups, group 1 received conventional therapy, group 2 received acupuncture, group 3 received “sham” acupuncture – i.e. putting needles in the wrong place, not as deep and not rotating them.

Improvements were reported as follows – 27% of group 1, 47% of group 2 and 44% of group 3.


1. 47% versus 44% is not statistically significant in a group of 1100 people
2. group 2 received more treatment due to the needles being manipulated and rotated.

Either it’s all in people’s heads or randomly sticking needles into yourself is good for back pain – someone should ask Pinhead from Hellraiser how his back is.


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