Survive the job cuts, work for a phone company

April 22, 2009

There are some things people will / can give up and some things they wont when times are hard. Some things are much harder than others and even much more inconvenient. Since most phone users are on set plans it’s not even very easy to reduce your costs, you can go onto a lower plan but you don’t normally save all that much and one month where you go over your minutes can wipe out the savings.

Not buying a new car is easy, cutting down the number of times you go out is easy, buying less new clothes / accessories is easy.

Right now you want to be working for a phone company, an internet / TV provider or as a mechanic. However, as soon as the recession is over there will be a huge boom in car sales as all the people who have been holding off buying a car rush out to replace their ancient 5 year old cars. Also since a load of auto sales places have gone bust the remaining ones will do even better.


One Response to “Survive the job cuts, work for a phone company”

  1. I was wrong – LOL – on May 11th 2009 I got laid off from my telecoms job as part of the laying off of 100 contractors working on projects not considered business critical. I should have been more specific – work for a wireless phone company, not a traditional telecoms company. Verizon sucks !!

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