The Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation – is it a hoax?

May 9, 2012

“Pegasus Global Holdings” – not to be confused with “Pegasus – Global Holdings” (note the hypen) have proposed the building of the “Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation”; a people-less town with complete infrastructure to test such high tech devices as “… automated washing machines and self-flushing toilets”

The company barely seems to exist, the executive bios make great claims that simply don’t seem to stand up – googling the executives finds virtually nothing.

Their head office is at “1875 ”I” Street, NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20006” which isn’t e real office, it’s a fully serviced virtual office provided by Regus (, designed to make it look impressive. Their Virginia address is also a Regus managed virtual office ( and their London office is also a managed office owned by a company named “Executive Offices Group” (

So this apparently huge global company doesn’t have a single real office and their executives are virtually untraceable – they don’t even have a Wikipedia page for the company. They do exist and have a real product for countering IED threats called the Jukebox Alpha but according to released military documents “As a result of market research and testing of Pegasus’s device in December 2008, the Army found that Pegasus did not have a device that would satisfy the agency’s technical requirements. In fact, the Army found that Pegasus’s Jukebox Alpha Upgrade device could not counter most of the threat bands that the Army required” –

The whole concept for the project is flawed – by removing people from the equation you’ve removed the most important component of the test – the human factor.


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