Did Sitemeter forget to reregister sitemeter.com

April 4, 2013

Just went to sitemeter.com and it’s not Site Meter

Whois info shows the domain name sitemeter.com was due to expire 03-April-2013, looks like someone else registered it.

Could be time to change all my counters since this kind of thing can take years to sort out if ever.

Normally when domains expire they go into a holding pattern for a while before they’re finally released and available to be registered again however it looks like someone swooped in and snapped it up straight away. This could get messy.


One Response to “Did Sitemeter forget to reregister sitemeter.com”

  1. […] by many blogs (including TaxProf Blog and the Law Professor Blogs Network), went down yesterday.  Disenchanted Tech and Frog Blog reported yesterday that Sitemeter may have neglected to reregister the sitemeter.com […]

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