Build Your Own Elmo Live

October 23, 2008

Wouldn’t it be great of someone released a generic, programmable robot that was designed to be covered.

Something like
(which is the real Elmo live with no cover.

You could then take this generic robot along with any suitable sized stuffed toy and swap the stuffing for the robot, resulting in your own live anything.

Then a community of like minded people could create suitable programs including voice quotes and songs recorded from TV which you would upload to the robot via a USB cable along with some animation sequences.

Or give it wifi like the nabaztag, then a parent who is away on a business trip could read a bedtime story to their child through an application on their laptop or iPhone that could also work in both directions via a microphone and camera in the robot.


On February 17, 2009, analog TV broadcasting will stop and many older TV’s that get their signal over the air will need a converter box.

Do you know anyone in your family that isn’t ready? – have you got them a Christmas present yet?

Problems solved.

“Could certain light waves entering your eyes trigger headaches? A growing group of esteemed scientists seem to think so.” Trigger Optics

Trigger Optics have released a pair of sunglasses which “may” prevent headaches; apparently by filtering out these evil light waves you “may” suffer less headaches.

At $79.97 a pair it may be worth a shot since they are also perfectly repectable sunglasses – FDA inspected, blocks 100% UVA/UVB etc.

Go Get ’em –

and after you’ve bought a pair let me know – I’ve got some hight quality snake oil you can have for a good price…